Come fishing plastic with us on the canals of Amsterdam

Be amazed by original & practical business cases about sustainable innovation!

On Friday 10 November a seminar will be held in Amsterdam, hosted by DVC. With inspiring business cases and interesting presentations.

We would like to invite you to attend this seminar on 10 November. With pride we present the organizations  and speakers who will share their perspective on sustainability, recycling and circular textile products. It looks like it will be a various and informal day, which we end with an unique fishing activity on the canals of Amsterdam.

09:30u – 10:00u Welcome in Amsterdam
10:00u Introduction by Robert-Jan Hageman, DVC
10:15u The story behind Plastic Whale
10:45u Plastic Soup Foundation
11:15u Circular design products from I-Did
11:45u Let’s Zip Together with Flagbags
12:00u Lunch
13:00u Plastic Fishing on the canals of Amsterdam
15:30u End of the program

Please note: the launch will be in Dutch, but if you attend the team of our export department will be available to translate things for you.

Want to know more about the Plastic Soup in our oceans? How you deliver beautiful design products, made by people who deserve a second chance? Or are you curious to learn more about our durable fabric from recycled PET bottles, of which we are the first company in the world to make flags and banners out of it?

Please let us know if you will attend the seminar, because we have limited places.

29 september 2017

A nice article in Dutch magazine Architectenpunt about our durable fabric PETFLAG:

JUNE 2, 2017
successful launch of our durable fabric

MAY 8, 2017

Official launch of PETFLAG on Thursday 1 June at the specialist flag maker in Dokkum

Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale and Semaphore Signs from Schiedam are the first companies in the world to introduce flags made from recycled PET bottles to the market. A unique and innovative product, bearing a powerful sustainability statement. On Thursday 1 June a presentation will be held in Dokkum, with a number of prominent “green” speakers.

CSR Netherlands, Plastic Whale and I-Did Slow Fashion Movement will share their perspective on sustainability, recycling and circular textile products. Textile designer Claudy Jongstra is also fully behind this sustainable initiative: both companies will enter into an innovative partnership with the artist for her new project, Waste-No Waste, in Groningen.

Sustainable enterprise is a key factor at Semaphore and DVC. For many years now Semaphore has been involved in the production and distribution of the Blue Flag. “Blue Flag is an organisation that highlights sustainability awareness on beaches and at marinas. Together with Blue Flag, the objective has always been to make the flags as sustainably as possible. One dream was to make the flags from recycled textile,” says Jaap Groen, director of Semaphore Signs.

That dream kick-started this unique “green” partnership with Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale. DVC identified this need and demand of its client base. Furthermore, the company also feels it must use polyester responsibly, in light of the millions of flags that are manufactured each year. Following an inspiring session the decision was taken to jointly develop a sustainable solution. Robert-Jan Hageman, director of DVC: “We imposed an important caveat upon that: the textile had to be sufficiently white for printing. We found the solution in the exceptional 100% recycled PET bottle textile, and the PETFLAG® was born!”

The first PETFLAGS® made using PET bottle textile will be officially handed over at the debut to launching customer Jumbo Dokkum.

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