PETFLAG – Duurzame vlaggen van gerecyclede petflessen



A veritable scoop: the first companies in the world to supply flags made from PET bottles! And, naturally, we supply these sustainable flag and textile products at the quality level you have become accustomed to. By selecting this textile you are showing everyone that you deem the environment & sustainability to be paramount!

Our recycled PET bottle textiles are ideal for all your own flag, banner, and beach flag needs; and more besides! Durable textile, finished with a traditional edging: that’s PETFLAG!

Want to prove you’re sustainably-minded? All our PETFLAG products bear a recognisable, organic cotton label.

About the textile
– The material is 100% polyester, made from plastic PET bottles
– PET is the abbreviation for the plastic, polyethylene terephthalate
– Available in 110 gram/m2 and 220 gram/m2; other grades available upon request

Did you know that…
… 3 PET bottles of one and a half liters go into 1m2 textile at 110 gram/m2?
… 1 PET bottle weighs approx. 40 gr, and that 36 gr of that is used in the recycling process?
… plastic from the sea cannot be used as the plastic bottles must be 100% polyester?
… the use of PET bottles bears no impact on the flag’s lifespan?
… we’re actively working on making our flags 100% recyclable in the future?

Would you like more information or order your own durable flag?
Order your own PETFLAG easily at DVC or Semaphore Signs. Would you like to know more about specific products or advice from our specialists? We will be more than happy to assist you!

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